Mediation Services

Mediation in the Workplace

Professional mediation services for confidential, prompt and cost-effective resolution of difficult or emotional disputes

It can be surprisingly easy for a workplace dispute to get out of hand and turn into an expensive, protracted issue which may even involve litigation.

It has been proven that with early intervention by mediating, disputes can be resolved sensibly and cost-effectively. Our trained and experienced neutral mediators are here to help solve difficult employment situations at an early stage before the communication between the parties gets out of control or becomes untenable.

The role of the mediator is to secure a satisfying and respectful outcome

The mediator assists the disputing parties in a structured and dynamic way to find a solution that both parties can agree to and feel comfortable with.

Our mediation services are totally confidential and our practitioners will explain the whole process at the outset, ensuring that everyone knows what to expect. The mediator uses a specialised set of negotiation techniques during the process to ensure both parties get heard and get time to talk through their views without being interrupted, so they feel that they are being treated fairly and with respect. A dispute is very likely to trigger emotions such as fear, insecurity, anger and frustration on both sides. Our trained mediators have experience in dealing with these emotions and will present the facts in a respectful manner.

Mediation sessions do not have to take long, the sooner a mediator is introduced the quicker the dispute can be resolved. 100 % of the mediations we did in 2018 resulted in employees successfully coming to an agreement to work together.

When would you need a mediator?

  • Where teams are not communicating
  • Disputes between individuals
  • Dealing with allegations of bullying
  • Assisting employees in returning to the workplace after absence

Why would you call in a mediator?

  • Impartial and unbiased approach
  • Trained and experienced professionals
  • Timely and cost-effective solutions

If your organisation is struggling to deal with a workplace dispute then mediation may well be a solution for you and that is where our experienced, accredited mediation professionals can help you.

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Mediation Option 1
Half day round table mediation session, low level issues, no pre-calls needed as issues are not that far escalated, early intervention solution

Mediation Option 2
Half day mediation with confidentiality agreement, pre-calls of up to one hour with each of the employees, prep work

Mediation Option 3
Full day mediation with same prep and pre-calls as half day

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