Handbooks and Policiesemployee handbooks and policies

Handbooks and policies that bring clarity and efficiency to the workplace

Having clear and unambiguous handbooks and policies makes life easier for your employees and can save some of the valuable time your managers spend dealing with routine HR questions and issues, allowing them instead to focus on the business.

We can help by reviewing and amending your existing handbooks and policies, or drafting new handbooks and policies to meet your organisation’s requirements and to ensure that they are up to date.

We also provide an annual service which will ensure all your documents are updated at least once a year. For further information, please contact one of the team.

Creating bespoke documents

Your employee handbook and policies may be some of the first organisation documents that new members of staff see. It is important that they reflect your image and culture. We will ensure that you have a suite of policies and procedures which are legally compliant, easy to use and in line with your ethos and culture.

For a no-obligation “health check” of your current HR handbook and policies, simply contact us today: call 01494 817193 or email info@eliaction.com