Handbooks and Policiesemployee handbooks and policies

Both employers and employees benefit from clear, well-written and user-friendly handbooks and HR policies

Why it is crucial to invest time in developing a professional employee handbook

One of the first documents, and therefore the first impression new employees get from the workplace is likely to be the employee handbook, telling them what the organisation expectations are and what they can expect in return.

Typically a handbook will include:

  • your organisation’s specific vision, goals, products and services
  • your ethos and values
  • what is expected of employees
  • key organisation policies which are clear and consistent (such as benefits, compensation, work-life balance, rewards, pension schemes, sickness or maternity leave)
  • the benefits you offer
  • guidance for managers

This valuable information will provide direction and clear guidance for your teams to follow and will also help in any defence in employment disputes.

An important employer branding tool

The concept of having a professional and updated employer handbook will form part of your overall ethos and branding. It is an important part of the welcome package to employees, and should always reflect the profile, image and culture of your organisation.

The handbook must be easily accessible and available to all employees, whether this is in hard copy or on your intranet.

Having clear and unambiguous handbooks and HR policies makes life easier for your employees and can save some of the valuable time spent dealing with routine HR questions and issues. This allows your managers more time to focus on developing the business and keeping employees informed, happy and motivated.

We can assist you by drafting your handbook and/or policies from scratch or we can review and amend your existing documentation.

Keeping your handbook updated on a regular basis

Legislation and best practice constantly changes and we can help you by reviewing and amending your existing handbooks and HR policies on a regular basis. These documents should be updated at least on an annual basis or more frequently when things change.

Our cost-effective annual updating service offers you peace of mind in ensuring that your handbook and policies are always current.

You benefit from the reassurance that your organisation is following correct legal guidelines

We will ensure that you have a suite of policies and procedures which are legally compliant, easy to use and in line with your ethos and culture.

For a no-obligation ‘health check’ of your current HR handbook and policies, call us on 01494 817193 or email info@eliaction.com