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GDPR – What should HR be doing?

GDPR – What should HR be doing? There are only a few months left until the implementation of GDPR.  The new regulations have an impact on most HR activities from general consent to processing personal data in contracts of employment.   Privacy notices will need to change, requiring organisations to explain: the lawful basis for processing…

Employment Appeal Tribunal

Employment Tribunal Quarterly Statistics: Oct-Dec 2017

Employment Tribunal Quarterly Statistics: October – December 2017 The Ministry of Justice has published the quarterly statistics for the period October to December 2017.   We have summarised the main points below:  29% of all tribunal receipts were Employment Tribunal’s (ET). The Employment Tribunal (ET) fee refund scheme was introduced on 20 Oct 2017 following the abolition…

Brexit, Employment Law

Brexit Implications on Employment Law

Brexit Implications on Employment Law The potential impact on employment law by Brexit is, on the face of it, likely to be limited. Although a significant proportion of UK employment law is derived from the EU, it is unlikely that there will be wholesale changes following Brexit. However, the government may take the opportunity to…

Minimum wage april 2018

Statutory Rate Increases for 2018

Statutory Rate Increases for 2018 The National Minimum Wage (Amendment) Regulations 2018 has been laid before parliament. The proposed changes are as follows: National Minimum Wage From 1 April 2017 From 1 April 2018 Workers aged 25 and over (National Living Wage) £7.50 an hour £7.83  an hour Workers aged 21–24 £7.05 an hour £7.38 …