The Good work plan

Update on the Good Work Plan

Update on the Good Work Plan It is almost a year since the Government´s Good Work Plan was published, and a useful time to reflect on what has happened since. This article recalls the key proposals and explains the subsequent developments. The Good Work Plan set out a number of employment reforms as a result of the…


Top Tips for Grievance Hearings

Top Tips for Grievance Hearings PREPARING FOR THE MEETING The hearing managers should: Arrange a meeting, ideally within five working days, in private where there will not be interruptions. Consider arranging for someone who is not involved in the case to take a note of the meeting and to act as a witness to what…


Transgender Discrimination

Transgender Discrimination Gender reassignment is one of the protected characteristics covered by the Equality Act 2010. The legislation protects people who are transsexual or transgender, which is when a person’s gender identity is different from the gender assigned to them when they were born. There is no requirement that the person has undergone any specific…


Statutory Sick Pay – what are the rules?

Statutory Sick Pay – what are the rules? Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) is paid for up to 28 weeks but if there is a gap of more than 8 weeks between periods of sickness the clock is re-set and there is a fresh entitlement to 28 weeks. SSP has some complex rules, but the key facts…