Contracts of Employment

Contracts of Employment - ELiAction

As an employer, it is a legal requirement that you provide new employees with a contract of employment (or terms and conditions) within two months of their start date

You and your employees are bound by the contract of employment until it ends (and beyond). A contract of employment will normally end by one party giving notice. You need to feel comfortable that the clauses contained within the contract provide ongoing protection for the Company. Contracts are likely to need updating or rewriting as your business requirements and/or legislation changes. For a no obligation review of your existing contract, why not contact us today?

Bespoke contracts to meet your specific needs

Sanctions can be imposed if you do not provide a contract of employment within two months of the employee beginning work for you or if the contract does not meet legislative requirements. Employment Law in Action can draft a bespoke contract of employment that meets your specific needs, whilst ensuring that you comply with all legislative requirements.

From as little as £300 + VAT we will draft a master contract tailored specifically for your requirements. (An additional fee will apply in respect of Director Service Agreements and Contracts).


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